디지털신호처리개론 [2013-2학기] (0)


디지털신호처리개론 / Introduction to Digital Signal Processing / EEE4175 




Digital Signal Processing(DSP) serves as a key technology for analysis and design of information processing systems in diverse areas such as communication, multimedia, measurement instruments, entertainment technology, remote sensing and control, and medical imaging.

This undergraduate DSP course covers general principles and applications of DSP, including analysis of signals and system in both time domain and frequency domain using various transforms(DFT, DTFT/FFT, and z-transform), sampling and reconstruction, basic DSP functions including digital filters(FIR, IIR), and multi-rate signal processing based on sampling rate conversion.

For each topics, design examples are provided so that students can learn related theories with better understanding of their physical meanings. Students are required to carry out a series of design projects by combining the design examples, which are tailored to cultivate practical application skills.



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