열역학I [2018-1학기] (1)

강의명 / 영문명 / 강의코드

열역학I / Thermodynamics I / MEE2022




The course will consider the fundamental science of classical thermodynamics and its practical applications. Problem solving will be emphasized, including problem formulation and analytic solutions. Topics include:
- Some introductory comments: some definitions, some history, some philosophy, relevance of thermodynamics to engineering applications,

- Concepts: property, state, system, process, temperature, pressure, density, volume, energy, units, zeroth law of thermodynamics,

- Properties of a pure substance: vapor/liquid/solid phase equilibrium, independent properties, thermal equation of state, tables of properties, ideal gas limit, interpolation,

- Work and heat: some mathematics, simple compressible systems, work, heat,

- The first law of thermodynamics: classical formulation of the first law, internal, kinetic, and potential energy, enthalpy, constant pressure and constant volume specific heats, tables of energy and enthalpy, constant and temperature-dependent specific heats for ideal gases, time-dependency,

- First law analysis for a control volume: detailed derivations, control volume mass conservation, first law formulation for control volume, steady-state processes, transient processes, devices,

- The second law of thermodynamics: statements of the second law, heat engines and refrigerators, reversible processes, absolute temperature scale, Carnot cycles

- Entropy: theoretical development, second law in terms of entropy, the Gibbs equation, entropy for ideal gases, entropy change for reversible and irreversible processes, tabulation of entropy, adiabatic reversible processes for ideal gases, entropy of mixing, probabilistic approach, and

- Second law analysis for a control volumes: irreversible entropy production, Bernoulli’s principle, steady state and transient formulation, efficiency of components.